Thursday, December 6, 2012

So Long, Schmoozers!

My reign as the Schmooze Artist in Residence is now over.

On the night of the 111th Schmooze, which also happened to be Schmooze's 9th birthday, I returned the badge and gun I was issued with.

I presented Phillip with a framed hand written Poem I had composed especially for the occasion

Photo by Kelly Chen Photography

Tesla Coils

as puck on pipes,
Calls the dance.
                    We hum
Charged with Atmospheric

Synapse snaps from node to node
                 you to me
a tight-winding, loose coupling
magnetic energy edging
the pixie ring.
The Schmoozoisie of Oberon's
royal court;
each a rung on the other's ladder
each a step in the choreographer's scheme
each a portal to the other's dream.

My Artist in Residency blog can be reviewed here.

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