Monday, September 24, 2012

September Schmooze

Good morning Dyslexiconians

Just a short note spruiking Schmooze's September Schmooze , the innovative networking company at which I have my artist residency.  I'm performing there for the aschmoozement of the members and their guests.

As the event is hosted by Hindmarsh Living, I might wheel out [pun intended] some old but themed poems such as
Your Grandfather
(De)Escalators At The Food Court
and one of my favourites, Stroke.

Hopefully aschmoozing enough to make the guests laugh at inopportune times, spraying their co-members with soylent green.

I'll be there performing A La Carte Blanche from menu of poems, some mushy, some sweet, some with a little spice, and some straight up hard like the tipple of whiskey Gran takes to make it between bingo and the endless hours of solitaire waiting beside the phone.

I'm going to finish this link-filled post on a highly referential note with this  little scone.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Launch Tonight (OMFGOFABAASAPSOIA)*

Tonight, 6 pm at Paperchain Bookstore, Triptych Poets Issue 3 is launched.

This is my first book of poetry, so of course i'm as excitable as a depolarising neuron (look it up).
Actually, rather than your regular book of poetry, its 3 suites in one, a hybrid, a demogorgon that features Canberra's P.S. Cottier, Geelong's Joan Kerr and Myself.

The night will be officiated by poet Paul Hetherington.

i feel like a party.
I'll be there to eat cheese and drink wine
and do some lines (...of poetry)

Come along!


PS: All my thanks to Blemish Books. If I've forgotten someone, I'm sorry but I've just gave away the last of my thanks.

*OMFGOFABAASAPSIOA is Oh My Fucking God Of Amaze-Balls And Anal Sex And Public Service Or Internet Acronyms

Friday, September 14, 2012

Publicity Trail!

Dear readers (listeners, if you use text to voice),

You can catch an interview regarding the launch of Triptych Poets #3 on Artsound Radio fm 90.3 or fm 92.7  at midday today.  The interview will include fellow contributor, P.S. Cottier, Leslie, our publisher from Blemish Books and myself.

Tune in!


Poetry In Motion Wrap Up

As another week winds up I look forward to another big weekend... and realise i forgot to wrap up last weekend.

The poetry train chugged into Sydney with me composing a few poems, drinking several of those tiny bottles of wine. I made more jokes than I did poems, but still had a few written inspired either by the landscape or the fact that I had chosen to sit backwards so that I  left rather than arrived.

For Dad

That culvert
was built by convicts
its bricks burnt in kilns
Burnt on trees freed
from the brick-hard prison of earth
Goulburn, indeed Oz,
built on broken rocks
hardtime labour
Dungeon of the world.

Once we were on the platform we read our poetry to the other train riders, a few Sydneysiders and a lot of uninterested passers-by.

That night fellow train traveller, CJ Bowerbird and I teamed up with my brother and his mates to discuss the copious amounts of cheap wine we drank before sleeping on my brothers floor.

Saturday I awoke earlier than sensible and penned a new poem throwing down the gauntlet to CJ Bowerbird, which I performed at the State Library of NSW.  Other notable poets performing included P.S Cottier (She of fellow Triptych fame), Hal Judge and Hazel Hall. The event was curatored by Kate Rees, one of Sydney's APL Cafe Poets.

That afternoon we traveled to the Friend In Hand Pub in Glebe for a special poetry slam Hosted by Jack Peck. CJ Bowerbird took the honours, and Hazel came second. By the end of the night (2 or 3 in the morning) we had crawled through several other pubs and found more friends along the way.

I awoke with less than an hour to get back to the city and catch my bus, only to watch my beloved Sharkies bundled (bungled) out of the NRL Finals by the ramapaging Raiders.

Poetry in Motion, I hereby declare you a success!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Next stop, Sydney

Todays the Poetry In Motion train that leaves Canberra for Sydney. I'll be joined by 24 other poets on a tin missile. while a-board the four hour trip, poets are to compose new works. Every hour on the hour we're to share our offerings, and those we deem worthy can be entered for consideration into  a chapbook to be published later.

There is to be a recital at central station and on Saturday poetry readings at the NSW State Library, and a special Canberra Poets Challenge slam held at A Friend In Hand pub in Glebe Saturday night (7 pm).

now I've gotta find my platform shoes, as i have a train to catch...

thats what platform shoes are for, right?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Launch Flyer!

Blemish Books have released the flyer for my book launch.

 See you there!

August Schmooze!

Part one of my artist residency with Schmooze saw me attend the 2012 business marketplace held at Rydges Lakeside, and the cocktail party held on the 15th floor overlooking the city and the lake.

The marketplace and cocktail party tastefully curated by Schmooze founder Phillip A. Jones.  As resident artist I was situated in the thick of the action, composing poetry live on my laptop and projected onto the wall of the cocktail party, listening to some sultry jazz.

All in all the night was a success, I wrote some poems,  which I guess are a lot like kittens; you keep the ones you like and drown the rest.

For Desiree

Thanks for my drinks card
my lips were dry
and i
fumbled my hello

other poems can be read here