Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 slams, 2 days.

Friday night saw the Canberra Poetry Slam host Jazz Slam!  A poetry and swing fusion conceptualised by regular host The Flying V (or The Swinging V... but i think that might be an adult site...) The night featured the jazz stylings of Canberran three piece the Kooky Fandango, and feature poet Andrew Galan. Both acts proved very capable of pulling a crowd, with poetry and music enthusiasts taking all available space in the venue (The Front Gallery and Cafe).

I was co-hosting and facilitating, the competitors providing a tightly packed range of scores. Two of Canberra Poetry Slam's most lauded poets took out first and second prize, being CJ Bowerbird and last years National Poetry Slam representative, Miranda Lello. Third place honours were won by Canberra Poetry Slam newcomer Nikesh. Prizes were donated by the good people at Burley Journal, Block Journal and Express Media.

The slam scene in Canberra continues to unearth new and young talent, this month  Gabriela Falzon stepped up with her poems of brazen teenage sexuality.

Overall the standout performer on the night was Varisht, his performance enhanced as he read his poetry with a previously unseen vigor over the top of the Kooky Fandango's funky shapes.

All in all it was a great night.

Saturday Night

I arrived at the Yours and Owls Poetry Slam unsure of what to expect.  Here was another funky gallery/bar that also served hot meals.

The slam was of exceptional quality despite it's infancy and was followed by an open mic session (and heavy drinking). The drinking was so heavy that while one related audience member had his wine glass filled, his chair fell through the floor.

My set lasted around 25 minutes. It received laughs, applause and gasps of shock horror, at mostly appropriate times.

The night was recorded by attending poet/scriptwriter Harrison Engstrom and a podcast is hosted on his blog which can be found here.

The pod cast features poems from Laura E Goodin and Lorin Reid, as well as a part recorded song from Mark Matic, Wollongong singer/songwriter.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yours and Owls poetry tour!

Bringing the fire to the Dan O'Connell, July 2012
This Saturday sees me making the journey down to Wollongong for me to perform for the first time there.

The event is the Yours and Owls Poetry Slam, a relatively new event at a funky cafe/bar.

As guest performer I have prepared two set lists, two to horrify or enthrall, to woo or wound, but to always entertain, the event will feature some of my newer, and never been performed poems.

web info

Set List 1
My Breakfast Had a Face
Nothing Can Stop the Blow(job) When it Lands
Human Caviar
I Dream of Fidelity
3 Rings
Your Grandfather
Higgs-Boson (performed at Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! 18/7/2012)
In Heaven

Set List 2
What brings Me to poetry
an introduction
Kali (performed 7/7/2012)
Raphael Kabo's Newtown
Phoebe's Five Dollar Poem
Of Deserts and Dingoes
Hierophant and the Worm
For Evelyn (premier!)
This is a poem...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Canberra Poetry Slam - Jazz Slam!

This month, Canberra's longest running poetry slam will blend swing music and poetry on the 27th of July. The venue is the Front Cafe and Gallery in Lyneham.

The Slam begins with an open mic, so if you feel competition cramps your style or your poetry doesn't suit the guidelines, still come along and share.

The Jazz Slam will feature a 3 piece swing band who will entertain the audience and provide introduction music for the competitors.

The Feature Poet of the night is Canberran poetry superstar, Andrew Galan, who has had numerous poems published in varied journals, books and anthologies, but is better known as the founder of Canberra's rival slam Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit!. his blog can be found here.

The slam rules:
poem must be your own
no props, musical accompaniment
Less than 3 minutes long

The Poetry Slam is brought to you by two hosts, Varisht Gosain (otherwise known as the Flying V) and myself and of course the good people of the Front Cafe and Gallery.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canberra Poetry Slam in BMA

The Canberra Poetry Slam received a good write-up in the BMA,  something that i feel impelled to promote because i'm mentioned (in the same sentenced as "filled with rotting innards" and "least offensive").  Check it out. the article penned by Canberra band Waterford's heart-throb and Ahmadinejad look-alike, Pete Huet, and mentions a good cross section of the Canberra slam poetry scene.


Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! Tonight!!!

Canberra's institutionalised poetry slam again hits the stage at the phoenix pub tonight.
B!S!N!B! promises all the usual mad-cappery with 5 first prizes (FIVE!).

Tonight's line-up includes the a-musically gifted Canberra funny man Rafe Morris
and multiple chances to die with Canberra's slam poetry pioneer Julian Fleetwood's Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure!

Hosted by Andrew Galan and the Master of Conflict B!S!N!B! is open for everyone over 18, poets are given 2 minutes, must be your own writing, no props/music. Sign up begins at 7:30, Phoenix Pub, East Row, which is in the Civic bus interchange.

Catch my incoherent ramble on the antithesis of the Higs-Boson as i compete for your attention!