Friday, June 8, 2012

Poetry at the Dan

Saturday! 2-5pm. Featuring yours truly on his one show only tour of melbyhole.

Melbourians: light your fire brands and sharpen your pitchforks! there's a-doings a-happening.

@ the Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

$$$ Earn Money Contract Killing $$$

I am preparing myself for unemployment and answering want ads.

Having recently met another 33.33333 of "my" book,  Australian  poet PS Cottier, I sought out alternative means of making money.

a quick trip to the hardware store and i'm prepared for my new career.

A Shopping list:
large black plastic garbage bags - Check
petrol - Check
shovel - Check
string - Check
disposable gloves - Check
hair net (or shower cap) - Check (shower cap)
apron - Check
bleach - Check
builder's lime - Check
Duct tape for mouth and nostrils - check