Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cannibal Kittens and Dubious Mothers presents -

What-for tenettabaum? Avuncular! 
Friday 26 November the Front Cafe and Gallery

Who comes up with these names?

Instead of the final traverse poetry slam (the front slam) of the year there is to be a spoken word showcase.
with 13 of the usual gang of idiots finest* spoken word performers in canberra.

The night kicks off at 8pm and runs late with Jason Recliner playing after the hullabulloo quietens down.

My set starts at 8:45 with the theme "you can not perform that in garema place, Joshua"

There will be a merchandising table with copies of Heavy Selfish Verbs on sale for 2 dollars.
If you dont want to purcahse a copy of the zine will be on the table for you to write your name and phone number on it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Performing Tonight - Mindscapes Festival

Performing tonight at Garema Place for the Mindscapes Festival.

The festival kicks off at 16:00,  runs through to 22:00

My 15 of fame begins at 17:15

Be there!

Zine Launch!


My Zine "Heavy Selfish Verbs"  is released today at the Mindscapes Festival, in Garema Place Civic, available from the merchandizing table.

Zines are only $2.00 and due to the mass hysteria surrounding them (hysteria is, at this stage, only suspected of occurring) you better get in quick and purchase one - or better yet, buy all of them at two dollars a pop and scalp them to the hordes of ravening teenage fans for four dollars or a quick gobby out back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

of Deserts and Dingoes

Earlier this year my girlfriend and I
rage quit our jobs
packed a car with a tent and a box of cider.
we drove westerward
the desert spread itself before us
a ginger cat in front of the fire
pinking us with its vermillion reflection
igniting the love between us so all those we left behind
could only see out smoke.

The rolling silver wok of the astra
spat out the hot ribbon
of eaten bitumen miles
Four wheels, four doors
four cylinders and the two of us
and a road that stretched forever
towards the Never Never.

on either side the endless desert
bounded only by the shimmer and the sky
one could easily get lost out here
disappear into the dreaming
the desert monotony of
desert desert tree
desert desert tree
desert desert desert

A dingo ate my girlfriend
A dingo ate my girlfriend
A dingo (with a sledgehammer)
A dingo with a sledgehammer ate my girlfriend
Cut her up and cooked her on the cooling engine hood
A dingo ate my girlfriend
I'm like what the fuck??

so I tried some myself.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Neologos of the neo-aeon

Trangerine - a peach nail polish colour favoured by transgender strippers.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Act Poetry Slam Finals

Friday the 12th of November Saw the ACT POETRY SLAM FINALS

With the 2 highest scorers going through to the Nation Poetry Slam (held in Sydney in December) the small free space was a swarming mass of poetry fans, poets and poet's family members all eager to see who would win entry into the national slam (and the continental breakfast)

My poem "Of Deserts and Dingoes" seemed to be divisive amongst the judges and received an even spread of good and bad scores.
The night belonged to Raphael and to CJ, with excellent reception from the audience.
CJ's poem on the real Canberra, although finishing second, deserves special mention, as running as the third poet on the night, he was able to overcome the score-creep that mars all poetry slams.

RiotACT have recorded the performances and up loaded them to youtube