Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project news!

Exciting news!

Heavy Selfish Verbs, A zine containing 15 of my poems has been passed onto Canberra based visual artist Paul Summerfield (www.ageofwonder.org) for art works and illustrations (aiming for a release during the Mindscapes Festival, 20th November)

Three Stone Markers has been sent to graphic artist Alexander Whitelaw who will transmogrify it through his wizardry from a play into a graphic novel.

A brief Introduction before poetry


:( for the electric writers of today!
digital notes on laptops and blackberries -
Lament the quill in tinctured tears!
ashes and sackcloth for parchment and foolscap -
ars poetica is dead!
A threnody for the poets crouched around computers in coffee shops!
Pipe your eyes for the hawkish few sleeping beneath a conservative kerchief!
Weep! Weep for poets past who lived the art
drinking wine and drenched in cunt

First post. Better make it a good one.